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Art for the Ages is a Los Angeles charity organization that aims to serve the aged population through channels of art therapy and connection. We believe that every senior citizen can benefit from person-to-person relationships fostered in a creative environment. We focus on onboarding middle or high school students to the organization to interact with seniors in various homes across the greater Los Angeles area. Through music, visual arts, and performing arts, we aim to improve cognitive function, communication, and many mental and physical functions. It is our dream to make sure each senior in the homes we work with feels loved and supported by their community. 

A message from our founder:

 I have been interested in photography for years. I discovered this passion way back in seventh grade when I took my first photographs. Since then, I have worked on dozens of projects at school but continued shooting in my free time. I knew I wanted to incorporate something I love into Art for the Ages, so photography and art were central to creating this organization. My mom's aunt, Millie, lived in a senior care facility and had severe dementia. Although she had no idea who I was, I watched her light up when she saw me. The presence of a young person made her come alive. I vividly remember her explaining that she was going dancing later that day (of course she wasn't, but she was so excited to share her "life" with me). Millie passed a few years ago, but I will always cherish the valuable time I spent with her. Then the idea popped into my head: what if I could help mass amounts of elderly people through my passion? I contacted several senior care facilities in the Los Angeles area proposing a presentation and donation of my photography. And that's how it started! We now facilitate weekly art projects for several homes across the Los Angeles area and invite other creative young people to present their passion to these amazing people. I myself also travel to these homes to photograph the residents and staff. This is how I combine my passion with Art for the Ages. How will you incorporate yours? 

- Jordanna Boxer Wachler 


Jordanna Boxer Wachler

Founder and Executive Director

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